Philip Sheppard

philip sheppard

Philip Sheppard


Philip Sheppard has extensive experience in association management, European affairs and reputation management. He currently manages the International Public Relations Association as its Secretary General. He has over 20 years experience as a senior lobbyist and a history of successful interaction with the European Commission, European Parliament, UN, OECD as well as national governments.

He is an expert in policy aspects of domain names and ICANN governance. He is a former chairman of the ICANN Policy Council and was a member of that Council for almost a decade. During this time he led advocacy on behalf of business users in the design and detail of the new domain name application process.  He worked on dispute resolution and protection mechanisms including the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy, the more recent Uniform Rapid Suspension System and the Trade Mark Clearing House. 

Philip brings considerable expertise in branding and reputation having represented blue-chip multinational  companies in the European and international arena. Policy areas include sustainability, consumer rights, social policy and protection. Philip, and the company, are experienced in association management at the global and European levels.

Philip is a graduate economist and previously worked for Shell in  London and  the Middle East based in Dubai. He then joined Ernst & Young and worked in Switzerland as a public affairs adviser. 

In voluntary work, Philip is a former global President of the International Public Relations Association and former Board member of the Society of European Affairs Professionals. In both organisations he has led initiatives on business ethics. Philip Sheppard has the honour to be a freeman of the City of London.