media and case studies

Click on the pictures below Getting a client's message out there is vital. The choice of media will reflect the client's needs be it audio-visual, podcast, television, radio, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or print. Practice area
This AV was also embedded in a client's website to help explain the key start-up services of the company. Philip is the second speaker.
Domain names
Third party blogs can be effective ways of building profile and demonstrating expertise. This series addressed issues in the 2011 application round for new domain names.
Domain names
Opposite editorial
Third party opposite editorial opinion pieces can be effective, especially as they are by invitation of the media and thus have added credibility. This article responded to the publication's earlier article on EU lobby practice.
Business ethics
Engaging with the academic community can be achieved in several ways. This example was during the year Philip was president of the International Public Relations Association. 
Business ethics
Sometimes it is necessary to create an event to ensure you are heard. In this case the listener was EU Commissioner Verheugen.
EU affairs / branding
Use of metaphor
A cultural metaphor may help convey a complex idea. Here the theory of perfume making was applied to a presentation on brands and trust in the Arab world.
Unraveling complexity
A key role of any consultant is to understand complexity and communicate to clients in ways they will understand. This Briefing outlines options for trademark protection policies online.
Intellectual property
Brochures and guides
Distilling expertise into one publication can be effective. This was written by Gary to promote performing arts and commissioned by the British government's UK Trade and Investment.
Performing arts
Longer term projects
Working on an integrated series of events helps embed long-term success. This project Open Doors was about career opportunities in the UK arts sector.
Performing arts
Blue sky thinking
Frankly sometimes you just have to reject all convention and innovate. This unrealised project solves one of Europe's key waste management issues! Who will take it up?
Sustainability / recycling 


Philip's Twitter account covers intellectual property aspects of Internet domain names, with an occasional foray into EU policy.